Created to empower a love-filled life.

A. Camarota pieces are inspired by love and life. A. Camarota Design's company mission is to create pieces that are inspirational. You can choose to live a quality life and that is what we strive to achieve. I hope you find something you like and are inspired every time you wear inspired. 

Authentic in craftsmanship, care, and design and made by an award winning artist. From every day, to your special occasions, to custom wedding pieces you can choose from USA mined and crafted sterling silver and 14k gold, natural & quality gemstones from around the world, or silver and gold plated fashion pieces. My mission is to create quality pieces that inspire a daily, positive, and quality-love filled life. We are what we eat, wear, and say and my jewelry is a reflection of that. My fine jewelry pieces have meaning in the kind of gemstone, energy, and healing inspiration they bring to the wearer. Many pieces are set with one of a kind, gorgeous, genuine gemstones and have a lifetime restoration service. I hope you find something you like that personally inspires you... to live a quality, love-filled life.