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  A. Camarota Designs is a company that was created out of a love for fashion. When I attended college in New York, although it was not what I what attended school for...everyday I was inspired by the fashion majors walking to class in their high fashion, runway inspired clothes. Although it sounds simple, they were inspired by timeless trends, which inspired me and created a desire to design. When I had the opportunity to stay home with my three children I began to design.  To me it seems the finishing crown of any woman's outfit is jewelry, which for one reason or another,  is what I am drawn to the most. The final adornment a person crowns themselves with before going to start their day or outing. It speaks about that person who chose that piece with which to adorn themselves. The piece ties a person's choices together, or makes a trumping statement on its own. We come to know the pieces we put on and they comfort us in the same way. Many remind us of a memory, which makes it all the more meaningful. Because of this my jewelry inspires and motivates me.  A. Camarota Designs, established in 2012, designs and creates handmade jewelry. We continue to be based in Louisville, KY. We are authentic in our craftsmanship, care and design. Many of my pieces are inspired by our heartland's rolling hills of bluegrass and Derby history. My mission  however is to create quality pieces that promote a daily, positive, and quality- filled life.  My pieces have meaning in the type of gemstones purposefully used, the colors purposefully used, and the overall energy of the pieces. There are affordable pieces for everyone.    My collection is made from inspiring finds brought here from around the world. My jewelry is made from southern inspired findings, as well as other influences; many pieces are set with gorgeous, genuine gemstones and have a lifetime restoration service. I'm unique in that all our fine gold and silver was mined and made right here in the USA (unless otherwise described in its description)! I take great pride in this part of collaboration for my handmade fine collection. Take pride in supporting your fellow neighbor. I hope you find something you like and become inspired.   


For the Finer Moments and for the Fashion Moments...

Discover you inspiration...  

Authentic in craftsmanship, care, and design and made by an award winning artist. From every day fashion statements, to your special occasions, you can choose from USA mined and crafted sterling silver and 14k gold, natural & quality gemstones from around the world, or silver and gold plated fashion pieces. My mission is to create quality pieces that inspire a daily, positive, and quality-love filled life. We are what we eat, wear, and say and my jewelry is a reflection of that.  Many pieces are set with one of a kind, gorgeous, genuine gemstones and have a lifetime restoration service. I hope you find something you like.

 For the Finer moments in life….for the fashion moments….. Our company mission is to create quality pieces that inspire and in return promote a positive, quality filled life. 

A. Camarota’s pieces are inspired by the ever changing trends of nature and life. They are authentic in their craftsmanship, care, and design.  

  “I want you to take your time and enjoy, become inspired. Be confident. . .be inspired.” – A. Camarota    



I intermittently have a blog! Whenever I have time to stop and  publish in my ever seemingly, non-stop, busy life.

Most Recent: 

  12-05-16 Furthering one’s life skills. Persistence is key. I’ve found in my life that nothing ever happens correctly on the first try. This applies to my school endeavors, career endeavors, and craft endeavors. Currently, I’m learning to solder. However, like many things in life, it has not been a fast learning curve. I’ve been attempting to learn and self-teach through YouTube videos for over two years now and am still a novice. That being said, I’m better than I was, and like anything else it in life it takes patience and persistence. I have faith that in time my soldering will improve to become wearable. I’ve applied my learning to solder experience to other areas of my life... and found it’s true there, too.      

  10-04-16 How does one find inspiration/lose inspiration for creativity in designing? In my experience I have found that living one’s life in the moment is the best inspiration and time constraints and money are the biggest hindrances. I’ve found it very motivating when my jewelry is doing well- until it becomes monotonous- or like anything else in fashion, it fades out… and then I find myself stuck.  It seems I’ve heard this many times before from other artists and designers- even reading the same thing in magazines about the really famous artists; it seems to be the old artist parody. You stop creating what inspires you in the moment and start creating what you THINK other people want and you find yourself on the other side of doing what you want in your craft and you lose your drive for creativity. Therefore, I have recently come to a simple realization, after many cycles of successful bouts of what I considered great success, and drops when it feels like no one seems to be interested in my pieces for a period of time (although I am a hard critic of my success ) -and I have come to a very simple understanding about designing…don’t do it for the money or goal of success.  When I meditated on it I remembered why I started designing jewelry in the first place. I remembered all the way back to the inspiration of my mom and aunts’ beautiful jewelry that I played dress up in and the awe inspiring feeling it gave me as a child. I remember being told stories and being mesmerized by the brilliance of beautifully cut gemstones and the discussions of design…and I remembered. I feel the same safe feeling of security and love when working with jewelry or looking at a well -made piece and I remember why I love jewelry design. It’s for the love and contentment of remembering well-made memories and the steadfast appreciation of dedicated craftsmanship and well-made jewelry.   

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Discover Your Inspiration..

Sterling Horse Shoe Setting Earrings

14 x 10 natural, gorgeous, bourbon/champagne colored quartz princess cut gemstones. These are set in USA sterling silver cinch setting. 


Gold Brass Collar Necklace

 Gold Brass Filigree adjustable necklace measures approximately 10  inches across and with adjustable chain. Adjustable 6 inch chain to wear  high or lower on your collar neck.

Citrine and Green Amethyst Dancing Earrings

Quality citrine and green amethyst earrings set in 14k gold filled wire and 14k solid french hooks. 


Natural Emerald Sterling Necklace

Natural emerald gemstone necklace set in USA made sterling horse shoe cinch setting with Italian 18" silver box chain necklace. 

Gold Brass and Jasper Earrings

Gold brass focal dangle earrings with pink jasper gemstone embellishment and gold plated french hooks. 

Available in store. 

Quartz Marquise 14kgf Necklace

Quality marquise cut, clear quartz crystal, gemstone necklace. Set with USA  14K gold filled wire and 16" USA made gold filled chain.


Large Celestial Pearl Earrings

Large, white, fresh water, cultured pearls set in USA made 14K gold wire settings with hammered texture. 

Horse Shoe Stud Earrings

Hammered horse shoe stud earrings made with USA made 14 K gold filled gold. 

Large Citrine Sterling Studs

Large quality citrine gemstone earrings set in USA made sterling silver settings.